• HKS best floor

    High-tech floorboard

Innovative, sophisticated, large-sized and versatile

These four features characterize best floor. Careful development of the ambitious and resource-saving product design, coupled with attractive aesthetics, result in a contemporary design. The highlight of best floor is the fact that both the surface layer and the finger-jointed underside are made of European oak, which ensures very well balanced relative strength and, as a result, especially high dimensional stability. The middle layer of the three-layer boards is high-quality birch (multiplex construction). Best floor is produced in thicknesses of 16 mm (with a 4 mm top layer) and 21 mm (with a 6 mm top layer) depending on your specific surface and colour needs.


16/4/4 x 180 / 240 mm

21/6/6 x 180 / 240 mm


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